Alas, with Blogging, I am always a Stranger.   I Come, and I Go.  I never stay long enough to build a home, to build a nest, to make a family.  But, I Return.  

    I don’t know where my cacophany journal will take me.   I don’t even know if  I like this name, but it speaks to my interest in sound, in ALL sounds.  I hope it speaks to my play and my playfulness, and my appetite for unique, comfortable, and undesirable sounds as well as for lush, beautiful sounds.  

   I don’t know if I like this white background, I want it to be dark blue, to soothe and to cool.  But I don’t have time now to find this… I will have to work on it later.  To create what I am wanting for/from my journal/journey.  

   I must go and there are sounds to be heard… and chaos(es) to be felt and room  image from: