Why is this page looking all weird?  I am considering doing more blogging.  It makes me wonder though, how really anonymously I can blog?  I mean, sure I wouldn’t mind if friends and family read my blogs knowing that I wrote them, but there is something about being secret that is so… refreshing.  I don’t know how deep the secret can be.  I may look into anonymous blogging just to find out.  There is always more information out there than I can handle.  I have been dealing with anxiety and I am finding ways to combat it. I thought, hey, why not share every intimate detail of my life on the internet in order to help myself and others?  Oh yeah, that might be more fun if I could pretend it was anonymous.  Anyone have thoughts on this?  As little as I blog and check on others’ blogs this may be a slow process, but I have longed to share meaningless/meaningful tidbits of life experiences while moderately pretending to be someone else.


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