Why is this page looking all weird?  I am considering doing more blogging.  It makes me wonder though, how really anonymously I can blog?  I mean, sure I wouldn’t mind if friends and family read my blogs knowing that I wrote them, but there is something about being secret that is so… refreshing.  I don’t know how deep the secret can be.  I may look into anonymous blogging just to find out.  There is always more information out there than I can handle.  I have been dealing with anxiety and I am finding ways to combat it. I thought, hey, why not share every intimate detail of my life on the internet in order to help myself and others?  Oh yeah, that might be more fun if I could pretend it was anonymous.  Anyone have thoughts on this?  As little as I blog and check on others’ blogs this may be a slow process, but I have longed to share meaningless/meaningful tidbits of life experiences while moderately pretending to be someone else.



Alas, with Blogging, I am always a Stranger.   I Come, and I Go.  I never stay long enough to build a home, to build a nest, to make a family.  But, I Return.  

    I don’t know where my cacophany journal will take me.   I don’t even know if  I like this name, but it speaks to my interest in sound, in ALL sounds.  I hope it speaks to my play and my playfulness, and my appetite for unique, comfortable, and undesirable sounds as well as for lush, beautiful sounds.  

   I don’t know if I like this white background, I want it to be dark blue, to soothe and to cool.  But I don’t have time now to find this… I will have to work on it later.  To create what I am wanting for/from my journal/journey.  

   I must go and there are sounds to be heard… and chaos(es) to be felt and room  image from:


Today’s Interests

Today I have many interests swirling in my cup.

I would like to present them here in order to keep them.

Let me start with the songs which I have caught in the past week.

“Son of a Bitch”

“Don’t You Push Me Down”

I can’t find the correct version yet…


and “Half a Century High.”


All heard on WITT 91.9–a station that continues to grow in my heart day by day.

Now, another thing I want to explore.  Difficult populations in music therapy and how MTs experience this and how it affects their way of view and interacting and treating these clients.  So I am finding articles.  Sort through them later!

Musical Net

Today I caught a few butterflies in my Musical Net.  One was a lovely song entitled “Poinciana” by Elizabeth Shepherd compliments ala WITT 91.9 FM.  The others included a lovely harp piece of which I am unable to find the name of, and a version of “Something to Live For” by Duke Ellington (or Billy Strayhorn?) featuring a trumpet solo and female vocalist.  My favorite longstanding version of this song is featuring Ada Moore. Another beautiful piece of music played was Mvt. II of Concertino Tropical by Ernesto Cordero–someone I must look into.


Something To Live For

Concertino Tropical